We are looking for skilled Carpentry Companies

Do you want to work with a solid company who is concerned with quality, smart routines, solid systems and safety on the construction site? BoligPartner is now looking for skilled carpentry companies that want to build our customers' dream homes and holiday homes in Norway.

Real craftsmanship is putting the heart into it. It is to have respect for the raw materials, and feel the pride in our chest every time we build a new building. BoligPartner is now looking for independent carpentry companies that are as concerned with quality as we are.

We are especially looking for carpenters who can carry out assignments in the areas around these places in Norway:


A safe collaboration

We are a safe partner for you and your carpentry team. With us, waiting many exciting assignments, which will always be completed planned and calculated before start-up on the construction site. All material is delivered directly to the construction site, at the time agreed with the carpenters in advance. Because when you work with us, you come to a finished concept where all routines are in place.

Safety in focus

Safety and working environment on the construction site are very important to us. We at BoligPartner deliver correct scaffolding with drawings to all construction sites. The scaffolding is mounted by the carpenter. We have our own HSE coordinator who checks everything from scaffolding, barracks on construction sites, cleaning and who ensures that the carpenters' rights are followed up. We also ensure that all construction sites have their own barracks with a toilet.

We take the construction management

In BoligPartner, we have our own construction manager for all construction projects. The construction manager coordinates all subcontractors, controls the progress, and ensures quality throughout the process. The construction manager is the customer's contact person, so that all carpenters have full focus on the construction. 

snekker tømrer.jpg

Digital construction sites

In BoligPartner we use a digital system called Fonn. This means that your carpentry team always has easy access to important and necessary information about the construction project - directly via an app on your mobile phone or tablet. In Fonn lies all drawings, details, checklists etc. The system is very user-friendly, professional, and efficient. Here, all participants involved in the construction project also can communicate with each other.

We use the precut method

At BoligPartner, we want an efficient and accurate construction process. That is why we use the precut method. This means that when the components of the building's truss are delivered to the site, they have already been cut, milled and marked. This gives a shorter construction time. In addition, there will be less waste, which in turn means that you get a tidier construction site.

Contact us today

Do you want to know more about the benefits you get from working with us? Then we hope you get in touch today. Fill in your information in the form, and you will be registered in our systems and we can contact you. We look forward to having even more skilled carpentry companies on our large team - together we will build the homes and cabins of the future.

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We look forward to having even more skilled carpentry companies on our large team - together we will build the homes and cabins of the future.

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